New single “Mother Daughter” from concept album released October 29


Our new single “Mother Daughter” will be released on October 29th to coincide with mental health month.

Mother Daughter is about the emotional journey of growing up with a mother with mental illness and is the second single from the forthcoming concept album entitled “Mother Mourned”; a personal story about our experiences growing up caring for mothers with illness and the emotional journey of working through innocence, despair, grief and release. It was recorded at The Grove Studios, produced with Josh Telford and Paul Iannuzzelli. It was mixed by Jackson Barclay and Ben Knight and was mastered at Studios 301 by award winning engineer Steve Smart.

The song was written a year before my mother passed away and what I wanted to do was share an honest story about how my mother’s mental illness impacted on our relationship. Growing up I wasn’t told that my mother has Schizophrenia and it was never openly discussed due to the stigma. Sometimes I didn’t know where my mother ended and the illness started. I loved her and have fond memories but she could often be withdrawn and unavailable.

We will be performing an acoustic set to be broadcast on live streaming app, Periscope, on Saturday November 7th, 8:30pm. Sign up for notifications via Twitter @Piperlain. I’ll be talking about the single and my personal experience of growing up with a mother with a mental illness and the forthcoming album. The single can previewed on our website or at

Credit: CD Artwork by Blue Mountains artist Amy Bell.

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