Piperlain combines the sounds of acoustic, alternative folk/rock/pop with emotive, passionate vocals.

Formed by singer/songwriters Benjamin Knight and Rebecca Voorn-Knight, the Piperlain sound has been compared to a contemporary version of The Cranberries and The Corrs with similarities to Sarah Blasko and Josh Pyke.

Originating from The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, influences for Piperlain are eclectic and include The Cranberries, Garbage, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Blondie and The Doors.

The Piperlain sound is heavily influenced by music from the 90s has been described as “poetic” and “quirky” by The Grove Studios and “emotive” with “layers of depth” by Sony. Piperlain made the finals of the B&T Madweek Battle of the Bands where they received commendation from Sony on live performance and songwriting talent.

In 2017 Piperlain released the concept album ‘Mother Mourned’, which recounts the personal and emotional journey of two people growing up with and caring for mothers with serious illnesses. Nominated for an AIR award, Mother Mourned received positive praise from industry professionals and media outlets.

“Mother Mourned…a devastating, tragically beautiful concept album…full of confessional lyrics and understated, quietly devastating instrumentation”
Joseph Earp – The Brag

The duo’s follow up record ‘Time’ was released in 2021 to positive industry reviews regarding the duo’s versatility and musicianship. In 2022 ‘Time’ was nominated for an AIR award and Piperlain became an official entrant in the 2022 ARIA Awards.

‘Bloom’ is the latest single from the duo, from the forthcoming EP ‘Shine on You’. The EP was recorded at a secret studio location located near the Warrumbungle national park, in western New South Wales, six hours drive from Sydney. Recorded at MusicPro Farmstay Studios, the tracks were recorded over a week on-site, surrounded by nature and farmland, to capture a more organic sound.

The inspiration for ‘Bloom’ came from people moving away from the city to rural areas following the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The song is about people rediscovering something special in nature as well as perhaps something forgotten in themselves, and a reprioritisation of what’s important in life, which often comes with a change of pace and a chance to reflect.

Piperlain is:

Benjamin Knight – lead guitar / rhythm guitar / vocals / drums / keyboards / percussion
Rebecca Voorn-Knight – lead vocals / rhythm guitar / percussion

Piperlain reviews:

“Time is an impressive EP. Especially with the title track…It gives that kind of energy from the vocals and guitar doing this bouncy rhythm. This song is definitely movie-soundtrack worthy…with an unforgettable melody and feel-good emotion” “Deceived starts with an intro in the vein of an Evanescence song. The drums in this track are jaw-dropping” “Overall, the EP showcases a great level of songwriting, performance and stylistic choices…These two know their stuff” RGM

“Emotive lyrics and euphoric melodies” The Music

“‘Time’ is a wholesome EP brimming with the bright musicianship of Piperlain. The duo blend warm folk sensibilities with alternative pop and indie elements to create a cohesive and engaging body of work. From the hearty and buoyant title track, ‘Time’ with its catchy “do do do” lyrics, radiant pop melody and lush harmonies to the icy piano glittering throughout the mournful ‘Deceived’, the EP has a charming and musically lush aesthetic. The EP is brimming with passion and gusto, featuring expressive vocal deliveries and sweet moving melodies as the duo layer each song meticulously, creating wonderful moments within the instrumentation that boasts dramatic solos and rock bravado. Piperlain have created a versatile and engaging collection of songs that exude refined musicianship and compelling songwriting”. Indie Buddie

“The EP opens with the title track Time which is an up-tempo song that has a 60s catchiness that is infectious. It’s a light and breezy opening track and one that seems ready made for the charts. Deceived is a standout track that contains power and drama, it’s huge in its concept and execution and is in many ways the centrepiece of the EP. Cruel World, Deceived, and Taken are crafted to take the listener on a journey through periods of intense energy and passion to moments of silence and reflection. The drums of the opening track return for the intro to Taken, the closing cut on the EP, thus bringing us full circle. I found myself hearing bits of The Corrs and Cranberries with maybe a touch of Pink Floyd’s dramatics thrown in for good measure.” Ian Phillips – PS News

“Mother Mourned…a devastating, tragically beautiful concept album…full of confessional lyrics and understated, quietly devastating instrumentation”
Joseph Earp – The Brag

“People can endure a lot if they just have the right music to help them through…Mother Mourned is an album that simply must be released!”
Michael Hayes – 2MCR Rare Traxx & Eclectic

“Mother Mourned…is an honest album that is raw and emotionally driven…their decision to work through the major impact their individual experiences had upon each other has resulted in this wonderful concept album…the musicianship and production on the album is excellent…the intense emotionality could easily have overwhelmed the project…it is to Ben and Rebecca’s credit that they were able to channel that intensity into such a controlled and beautifully realised finished product”
Ian Phillips – PS News

Acknowledgement and thanks to the talented musicians that have joined us on stage for live performances: Greg McGrath on drums, Frank Davey on bass, Andy Sheehan on keyboards, Jess Ung on drums, Attila Szoboszlay on lead guitar, Sean Keaveny on bass and Guerino Sonego on drums.

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