new ep ‘shine on you’ out now

Recorded on-site in the Warrumbungles, surrounded by nature and farmland, ‘Shine on You’ captures a more organic sound. The result is an opening track filled with positivity and hopefulness with ‘I Feel the Sun’, which combines acoustic beach vibes and folk elements with dreamy rock pop influences. This then leads into a passionate interlude of dramatically poised and purposeful rock pop songs in ‘Shine on You’ and ‘I Don’t Miss You’, before coming full circle into positivity with the enchanting track, ‘Bloom’, with its rhythmic percussive elements embraced by elegant piano and lofty honest vocals. Piperlain combines the sounds of indie, alternative pop/folk/rock with emotive, passionate vocals. Preview, stream and download ‘Shine on You’ at

New single ‘bloom’ out now

Our new single ‘Bloom’ is out now! Bloom was recorded at a secret studio location near the Warrumbungle National Park and was inspired by people moving away from the city to rural areas following the height of the Covid-19 lockdown. Bloom was recorded at MusicPro Studios – Farmstay, produced by Paul Iannuzzelli and mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios. Listen to Bloom Thanks to MusicPro Farmstay Studios and Paul Iannuzzelli, John Zucco at The Right Profile, Ditto Music, Frank Artwright at Abbey Road Studios, Audiofunk and everyone that has supported us along our journey to get this release out. Bloom is the first single from the upcoming EP ‘Shine on You’. #piperlain #warrumbungles #warrumbunglenationalpark #indiemusic #newmusic #AbbeyRoadStudios

About ‘Bloom’ – the new single from Piperlain

bloom out jan 20

Last year we headed out to a secret studio location near the Warrumbungle National Park, about a 6 hour drive west of Sydney. We recorded an EP on-site at MusicPro Farmstay studios, near the Warrumbungles, surrounded by nature and farmland. We wanted to capture a more organic sound inspired by nature. The first single from the EP ‘Bloom’ is about people moving away from the city to rural areas after the Covid-19 lockdown seeking a change of pace and reflection. It’s an enchanting song with rhythmic percussive elements, elegant piano and honest vocals. ‘Bloom’ is due out January 20. #piperlain #warrumbungles #warrumbunglenationalpark #indiemusic #newmusic

new single ‘bloom’ due out jan 20

It’s a wrap for 2022! Thanks for all the support – best wishes for a safe and happy holidays. We’ve had a great year with an AIR nomination and ARIA Award entrant for our ‘Time’ EP. Our new single ‘Bloom’ is due for release on the 20th January 2023. Recorded at MusicPro Studios at a secret location near the Warrumbungle national park in western NSW. More info to follow.