new ep ‘shine on you’ due out feb 24

The theme of the ‘Shine on You’ EP is ‘lost and found’ – experiencing loss of relationships and disillusionment from the pressures of social media, as well as loss during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recorded on-site in the Warrumbungles, surrounded by nature and farmland, ‘Shine on You’ captures a more organic sound. The opening track, ‘I Feel the Sun’, is filled with positivity and combines acoustic beach vibes and folk elements with dreamy rock pop influences. It was inspired by coming out of the Covid-19 lockdown, when people could move around freely again. The following two tracks take the listener on an interlude of dramatically poised and purposeful rock pop songs in ‘Shine on You’ and ‘I Don’t Miss You’, before coming full circle into positivity with the enchanting track, ‘Bloom’, with its rhythmic percussive elements embraced by elegant piano, lofty honest vocals and themes of finding hope in a new place. Inspired by nature, as well as human nature, Shine on You is due for release February 24th.

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